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Watch Your Mouth Ends,
But Oral Health Communication Continues
WYM poster
The Watch Your Mouth campaign in Maine is officially over at the end of this month. In the past two years, through radio, newspapers, television, newsletters and lots of face to face talking, Mainers have learned what Watching Your Mouth really means.
Many more of us - parents, educators, health care providers, and elected officials - now understand the critical importance of children's oral health and what we can do within our communities and our state toensure healthy mouths for kids. Just as important, those of us in "the business" of oral health have learned how to talk about, to "frame",the issues ina way that movesoral health policyforward.
The Maine Dental Access Coalition will carry on the work of WYM,using the strategies of the State's Oral Health Improvement Plan to moveahead on children's oral health issues.
A sincere thank you to all of the Maine Watch Your Mouth funders: The Maine Health Access Foundation, The Betterment Fund, The Bingham Program, Medical Care Development, Anthem Blue Cross, and Northeast Delta Dental.
Thenext few issues of Word of Mouthwill featurethe good work of thecommunity groups that received WYM mini-grants through MDAC and the Bingham Program.
ACAP's Campaign to "Watch Your Mouth"
acap fair
The Aroostook County Action Program took WYM messages to the newspapers, the TV stations, the Mall and the Top O'Maine Trade Show in Madawaska! In addition to getting a ton of media exposure, they gave WYM presentations to parents and families at all four Child and Family Centers throughout the County. The Project gained an added bonus when the mediaattention lead to a connection with University of Maine at Orono. UMO health students will be sending student voluteers to work at the Centers this summer. Thanks to Mary Warren, Caroline Kimball and Vicki Helstrom for leading this project so successfully.
legislationAt the Federal Level:
Action Alerts
Support for Block Grant Funding
Urge our Congressional Representatives to support the Labor Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bill. To find out more go here.
Keep Dental Coverage in SCHIP!

Senate Finance Committee will soon decide

Reauthorization of SCHIP (The State Children's Health Insurance Program) is now being considered by the US Senate Finance Committee, and the inclusion of dental benefits for children is in doubt. Maine's Senators are not on the Finance Committee, butthey need to hear from constituents that dental benefits for children continue to be of great importance.
For some background and recommendations on coverage, go to the American Dental Education Association's paper, or the CDHP's (Children's Dental Health Project ) issue paper.
To share your thoughts,contact Senator Snowe or Senator Collins
MDAC on Public Radio
Thanks to Northeast Delta Dental MPBN listeners can now hear a spot that lets the world know that Northeast Delta Dental is a proud member of the Maine Dental Access Coalition, and how to get to our website, www.mainedentalaccess.org.

The mission of the Maine Dental Access Coalition isto advocate for and improve access to quality preventative and comprehensive oral health care for all Maine residents.
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