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More Bad News for the Most Vulnerable
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Legislative Breakfast a Success!
Legislative BreakfastRepresentative Pat Jones and Representative Pat Flood were among the legislators joining MDAC Chair Lisa Kavanaugh and other MDAC members on January 29 at the Cross Cafe. The event was an opportunity for MDAC members and legislators to get to know each other andto inform policy makers about core oral health issues.
Governor's Task Force on Oral Health
To keep up with the proceedings of the Governor's Task Force on Oral Health, and get copies of the materials distributed at those meetings,go to the website of the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.
More BadNews for the Most Vulnerable

legislationIn addition to the $95 million dollar revenue shortfall, the state has just learned that Medicaid rule changes could mean the loss of $45 million in the next 16 months, and that losses to community groups, including nonprofit health care providers and schools, could total $141 million over the same period. The Governoris working with the congressional delegation,the National Governor's Association and Rep Henry Waxman, who is planning hearings on the changes, to oppose the proposed new rules.

Resource for Oral Health and Seniors
The Ohio Dental Association has created a CD for use by workers caring for geriatric residents in care homes. It explains why it is important to care for teeth and gives basic instructions on how to. The CD is $10 including shipping. The web sitehas a power point for instructing staff. Go to Smiles for Seniors.
Maine Coast Community Dental Clinic Holds Give Kids a Smile Clinic
In recognition of Children's Dental Health Month, Maine Coast Community Dental Clinic in Ellsworth will hold a free dental clinic on February 22 for children between 3 and 13 who don't have dental insurance. For more information go to DownEast Health Services.
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If your organization has an event or an accomplishment you would like to share please send it on. If there are oral health issues and policies you would like toto see addressed in this forum, let us know.
The mission of the Maine Dental Access Coalition isto advocate for and improve access to quality preventative and comprehensive oral health care for all Maine residents.
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