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January, 2012 
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2012 Oral Health Heroes
Improving Access to Oral Health Care
65,000 off MaineCare Proposed
Maine DHI Mentor Team
MDAC Quarterly Meeting
National Children's Oral Health Month Materials
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Word of Mouth
Dear Sarah,

Word of Mouth is the newsletter of the Maine Dental Access Coalition. We welcome your comments and invite your ideas for content.
2012 Oral Health Heroes and Blaine House TeaOH Heroes 2012
This year's Heroes were recognized at a well attended tea at the Blaine House.

Senator Chris Rector and Representative Mark Eves were introduced by Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation Anne Head for their unwavering support for oral health in the legislature

Dr Timothy Oh was introduced by Representative Elspbeth Flemmings for his efforts in bringing care to Washington and Hancock counties,and

Waterville Pediatrics and Dr Jeff Stone were introduced by Senator Thomas Martin for their attention to children's oral health, fluoride varnish and incorporation of a dental hygienist, Marie Ducette, as part of their team.  


For more pictures of the event,go here.     


Presentation to HHS and LCRED Committees: Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations, a Report from the Institute of Medicine 
Shelly GheshanShelly Gehshan, the director of the Pew Children's Dental Campaign and a member of the IOM consensus  group gave a well received and well attended summary of the IOM report to members of the  Health and Human Services, and Labor Commerce Research and Economic Development Committees. For a link to the report and Shelly's handouts, click here.


Health and Human Services Committee votes to support Governor's cuts to the Fund for a Healthy Maine

Voting largely along partisan lines the HHS Committee voted to support the cuts proposed by the Governor to oral health, childhood development, smoking cessation and other health programs in the Fund for a Healthy Maine. Representaive Meredith Strang Burgess (R), one of MDAC's Oral Health Heroes, voted against the cuts. 

This is a $29.5 million cut to the Fund for a Healthy Maine which represents
more than half of that program's budget for fiscal year 2013. This proposal eliminates $600,000 that now goes to funding school oral health programs and subsidies that allow dental clinics to provide services on a sliding fee scale.Tina Pettingill, Executive Director of the Maine Public Health Association said she was disappointed that the majority

of the HHS panel ";turned their back on sound science and a decade of demonstrated successes.The committee's endorsement of de-funding the bulk of the state's already scant disease prevention and health promotion efforts squanders any chance the state will have of helping people live healthier lives and realizing lower health care costs,"; She noted that Maine sees a return of $7.50 for every dollar invested in prevention - ";the highest rate in the nation. If these cuts are carried out, Maine will spend more to treat preventable disease in the future.";


Word of Mouth will continue to update you on the budget situation, and encourages you to make your views known to your elected officials. The fight now goes to the Appropriations Committee, links to members can be found here.


There are alternatives to cutting services, and in opposing cuts its helpful to offer other ideas. A coalition of advocacy groups- child, medical, faith-based and others- has just come out with  a set of alternative proposals and a website,  Support A Responsible Solution, where people can send messages to the Legislature.   

Maine DHI Mentor Team Launch
DHI logo Friday, March 23, 2013 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

You're invited to be part of a statewide mentorship program to help general dentists assimilate infants and young children into their practice. Join Maine Dental Home Initiative (DHI) Leader Dr. John Willis and his Head Start colleagues for a training and information session focused on the how-to's of being a Head Start Dental Home Mentor. Call Dr Willis at (207) 781-2272 for more information, or email Bonnie Vaughan at 



MDAC Quarterly Meeting: March 16, 2012

The next quarterly meeting will be held at MCD, 11 Parkwood Drive in Augusta, at 9:00 -1:30 PM. Lunch is included and committees, which are open to everyone, meet after lunch. 


To register contact Dot Seigars at or 622-7566 x 232  



National Children's Oral Health Month Materials
February is National Children's Dental Health Month and the 2012 free program posters are available for shipping.To place an order for posters, please visit the ncdhm website at .  


The Maine Dental Access Coalition (MDAC) is a public-private partnership focused on improving access to oral care. The Coalition's mission is ";To advocate for and improve access to quality preventive and comprehensive oral health care for all Maine residents.";
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