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July, 2012 
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Planning the future for MDAC
Successful Sealant Conference
Deteriorating Access to Care
New links to oral health
MDAC Quarterly Meeting
Rural Oral health Access Conference
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Word of Mouth
Dear Sarah,

Word of Mouth is the newsletter of the Maine Dental Access Coalition. We welcome your comments and invite your ideas for content.
Welcome to the new MDAC Governing Council
Its official, the Maine Dental Access Coalition has a new governing structure. After 5 months of planning, deliberating and recruiting, the steering committee voted unanimously to appoint the following Governing Council.
  • Wendy Alpaugh
  • Susan Cote
  • Patty Duguay
  • Elizabeth Graff
  • Cindy Leavitt
  • Cathy Kasprak
  • Lisa Kavanaugh
  • Jim Koelbl
  • Tim Oh
  • Caroline Zimmerman
  • Ex officio  Non - voting members, Judy Feinstein, Karin Anderson
The Council will hold its first meeting on July 26. Among the questions they will be taking up- what are the requirements and benefits of being a MDAC member, what is our revenue generation plan, what are our priorities for the next 6 months (and beyond)? For background on how we got to this place, and a chart of the identified strategic priorities, a copy of the June 15th Quarterly meeting minutes can be found here.

Successful Sealant Conference 

There were over 80 dental public health professionals from all over the state who attended the June 1 Assuring Quality in School Sealant programs: Best Practices,Quality Assurance and Program Implementation conference in Hallowell.  Dr. Margherita Fontana from the University of Michigan gave a two hour presentation on the current research on dental sealant and caries. Kathy Eklund RDH, MPH from Forsythe Dental Institute updated the attendees on Infection Control for Mobile/Portable Dental Providers. The afternoon session included speakers from the Maine Oral Health Program, The Maine Board Of Dental Examiner's and a Coordination of Care Panel (Teresa Alley, Dr. Tim Oh, Vanessa Woodward, and Cindy Leavitt) who shared their work in treating the children in Maine. Since the conference, participants have been reporting on changes they have made in their practice settings as a result of the presented research, and a group of Public Health Hygienists have started to work together on care coordination issues. 



Deteriorating Access to Care for Adults over the Past Decade 

A report funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and authored by researchers at the Urban Institute examines three key health access indicators: having unmet medical needs due to cost; having a routine check-up; and having a dental visit during the year. The authors found a marked deterioration across all three measures between 2000 and 2010 in virtually every state, specifically that:

  • The share of adults experiencing unmet medical needs due to cost rose by 6.0 percentage points from 2000 to 2010. For uninsured adults, it rose by 10.8 percentage points.
  • The share of adults receiving a routine check-up decreased nationwide by 5.1 percentage points, with the share among uninsured adults decreasing by 11.6 percentage points.
  • The share of adults receiving a dental visit dropped by 3.9 percentage points, while the share among uninsured adults fell by 9.0 percentage points.
The full report is here. It also includes a state by state comparison. In Maine, about 69.9% of insured people had dental visits (US 72.3%), and only 39.5% of the uninsured had a dental visit (US 37.5%).  Maine shows a 30.4% difference in the share of adults having a dental visit in the last year between those having insurance and those without coverage.


New links to oral health
news and resources
OHRC logo We are adding two new links to the WOM link box on the left.

There is a wealth of resources about oral health, particularly for children and families, available through the Maternal and Child Health's Oral Health Resource Center, based at Georgetown University. Last month they put up a
Resource Highlights page.

Children's Oral Health is a web site of the American Academy of Pediatrics, with links to their bi-monthly Oral Health E-Newsletter and another excellent resource for news and resources. aap logo
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MDAC Quarterly Meeting: September 20, 2012
contact Dot Seigars at or 622-7566 x 232      
Save the Date 

Improving Rural Oral Health Access   

7TH Annual New England

Rural Oral Health Conference


Westford Regency Hotel and Conference Center

Westford, MA  8:30-3:30



Check out the Frontline ";Dollars and Dentists"; program 
Our Facebook page has links to the program, as well as some of the responses to it, and to the Frontline web site on the issue. We post all kinds of interesting information, pictures and links on Facebook that never make it into Word of Mouth due to time and space constraints. Its a good place to hear from you too. 


The last Word of Mouth erroneously reported that all adult dental benefits for MaineCare would be eliminated, this is only true for the ";non-categorical"; recipients who will be removed from MaineCare all together.
The Maine Dental Access Coalition (MDAC) is a public-private partnership focused on improving access to oral care. The Coalition's mission is ";To advocate for and improve access to quality preventive and comprehensive oral health care for all Maine residents.";
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