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May 2008 Edition
Word of Mouth
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National Smile Month, May 18-June 17

Oral Health America and the British Health Foundation have teamed up on a campaign to raise awareness of the systemic links between oral health and overall health. The campaign will focus on the link between gum disease and serious general health conditions like heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and low birth weight babies. They have put together a catalogue on ways that dental practices, schools, colleges workplaces and community centers can participate. To find out how to participate go to www.nationalsmilemonth.org.
Legislative Newslegislation
Three bills related to oral healthpassed during the last session.
LD 2277An Act Regarding the Sunrise Review of Oral Health Care Issues, enacted as Public Law, Ch. 620 Title 32 Professions and Occupations.
This law creates a new license category of Independent Practice Dental Hygienist and authorizes an independent practice dental hygienist to perform specified procedures without supervision by a dentist.It alsorequires an independent practice dental hygienist to provide a patient with a referral plan to a dentist for any necessary dental care.

LD 2192An Act To Increase Access to Dental Care, enacted as PL Chapter 690,Title 36, Taxation. Thiscreates an income tax credit of up to $15,000 beginning in 2009 for up to 5 new dentists in 2009 and 5 additional dentists in 2010 who agree to practice in underserved areas of the State for at least 5 years and requires DHHS (through theOral Health Program)to certify eligibility and to report on the effectiveness of the tax incentive in 2011. This bill sunsets in 2015 when the 5 years ends for those initiating the benefit in 2010.

LD 1984An Act To Provide a State Income Tax Deduction to Dentists for Military Pensions, enacted as Public Law, Chapter 689,Title 36, Taxation. This provides a tax deduction to dentists with military pension benefits for dentists who practice for an average of at least 20 hours per week during the tax year and who accept patients who receive benefits under the MaineCare program.
Governor's Task Force on Oral Health
To keep up with the proceedings of the Governor's Task Force on Oral Health, and get copies of the materials distributed at those meetings,go to the website of the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.
The next Task Force meeting is May 29th at the DPFR office, 122 Northern Ave., in Gardiner. The agenda will include a review of the definition of access, reports from a variety of Task Force members, and prioritizing issues.
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Auburn Dental Clinic Closes
Maine lost a public health dental clinic this month with the closure of thethe Western Maine Children's Dental Clinic in Auburn.Inadequate reimbursement of MaineCare was one of the primary reasons the clinic couldn't make it financially. To watch a video clip from NECN on the closing go here.
Fluoride VarnishReimbursement for Physicians Coming
MaineCare expects to begin allowing physicians to bill forfluoride varnish application this August. Maine will join at least 17 other states in allowing this change. Fluoride varnish is an effective prevention intervention for very young children, many of whom don't see a dentist until they are olderand decay has already begun.
Integrating fluoride varnish into the medical practice has been the focus ofFromthe First Tooth,aproject of the Sadie and Harry Davis Foundation, and the change in reimbursement gives a boost to this effort. The Maine Smiles Matter curriculum of the Kids Oral Health Partnership also introduces fluoride varnish application for non dental providers.
Kids Oral Health Partnership Pilots Training.
kohp logoKOHP will pilot the revised Maine Smiles Matter curriculum in a variety of settingsbeginning in June. If your organizationis interested in receiving training, contact bvaughan@mcd.org.
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The mission of the Maine Dental Access Coalition isto advocate for and improve access to quality preventative and comprehensive oral health care for all Maine residents.
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